Wall Return Grills

Decorative Wall Return Air Grilles & Wall Vent Covers

Are you tired of looking at your old, rusted wall grille collecting dust? Replace it! Here you'll find what you need - we have wall grilles ranging from metal to plastic to wood and even completely customizable options. We have over 300+ sizes of Metal Wall Grilles so we are certain you will find the size you need, and if you don't see your size listed just give us a call! We work with multiple manufacturers who are able to completely customize your wall grille to fit your home.

"What is the difference between a return and a register?"

This is a great question and also a very common one! A return simply means it is a regular grille; it will not have any backing or anything that sits inside the hole opening. It also means the grille always has open airflow, so there is not a portion of the grille that is able to be opened or closed. A register on the other hand does have a 'damper' portion which usually, using a lever, you are able to open and close off airflow when needed. 

Do you need a Wall Grille with a damper? Check out our Wall Registers!


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