Basic Return Air Grilles

Rectangular Return Air Grilles - Metal Wall Vents

Nearly every home has at least one basic, rectangular wall vent and a lot of home owners have never replaced them! If you're looking for something to replace your old, rusted, crusty wall vent you've come to the right place. Here you will find tons of sizes for basic wall return grilles at an affordable cost. Each product page will tell you the hole size it is intended for as well as the overall dimensions of the grille. These specific grilles are only available in the sizes listed and cannot be made in any custom size.

Knowing how/what to measure is key!

When it comes to grilles of any kind you always want to make sure you're not only measuring properly but measuring the correct thing. What that means is that customers usually think that measuring the existing grille and ordering based off that is correct however it is not. We always recommend measuring the hole opening in your wall - you certainly can measure the existing grills outside dimensions as well, especially if you need them to be a specific size to fit the space. Because wall returns do not have any damper portion nothing technically sits inside the hole opening, it screws directly into the wall. 

Want to be able to open and close off airflow as needed? Take a look at our Wall Registers. Decorative Wall Returns are also available!


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