Triangular Baseboard Return Grilles

Triangular Baseboard Returns - Baseboard Vents

Our Triangular Baseboard Returns are available in the classic style white return as well as a projection option which comes in multiple sizes. Each of these grilles do come with the necessary hardware to make installation simple and fast. Along with the metal options, we also have a wood option, which has multiple sizes. We also have a custom option which the length can be completely customized if necessary.

Triangular Projection VS. Rectangular Baseboard Returns

As you may have noticed, the Rectangular Baseboard Returns and the item listed below as the Triangular Projection Baseboard Return are very similar in appearance. The main difference is that one has an open bottom projection from the wall and one does not. If you take off your existing grille and you see that there is a hole opening not only on the wall but on the floor as well, that usually indicates that you need a Projection Grille. Even though the Rectangular Baseboard Grilles have a side depth of usually 7/8" from the wall that does not mean it will cover a hole opening that is in the wall and the floor. 

Check out our NEW Browse Triangular Baseboard Vents by Size page. This allows you to view the exact styles of triangular baseboard return grilles available in the size you need.


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