Triangular Baseboard Registers

Triangular Baseboard Diffuser - Baseboard Registers

Our Triangular Baseboard Registers are available in a variety of different sizes, designs and finishes! Each product page gives a complete sizing breakdown giving you base projection, top projection, height, length and pricing. We have everything from basic white metal registers to completely customizable and decorative registers. We also have a plastic baseboard register option in White or Brown.

"How do I measure for a baseboard register?"

When ordering any kind of vent cover or register the rule of thumb is to make sure you are measuring the hole opening size in your wall or floor. For baseboard registers it is important you measure nearly everything - what that means is you want to measure the hole opening size, the space between your baseboard that the register will fit into, the base projection and height and for extra measure, you can measure your existing register. Having all of these measurements makes the process of finding something that is sure to work for you easy and fast! Please see each individual product page for overall measurements, including base projection and height, on all baseboard registers.

Check out our Browse Triangular Baseboard Vents by Size page. This allows you to view the exact styles of triangular baseboard return grilles available in the size you need.


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