Wholesale Registers

Wholesale Registers - Decorative Floor Vents

Wholesale Registers is a manufacturer who specializes in decorative floor and wall registers. Their signature and most well-known designs are Victorian, Contemporary and Rockwell, which are available in multiple sizes and finish options. Each register is made of durable steel and have a lacquer coated finish helping to ensure these registers are made to last! Each register also has an attached damper portion that allows you to open and close off airflow as needed.

"Can Wholesale Registers be used in the wall?"

Yes! These registers can be used for the floor and the wall! The Victorian and Contemporary 6" wide sizes do come with "knock out" screw holes allowing you to either keep them in and install them in the floor or take them out and, with the included matching hardware, install them into the wall.

As for the other sizes that are available, those too can be used in the wall! Wholesale Registers offer what they call Wall Clips that, when installed, allow you to turn these floor registers into wall registers. The wall clips attach to the sides of the damper portion and sit inside the wall, so you won't even know they're there! Wall Clips are only for wall use and cannot be used for ceiling installation.

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