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TruAire is a manufacturer that makes high quality and affordable registers and grilles for residential and commercial uses. They allow for premium quality vents with the premium pricing.


Steel Toe Kick Return Grill - White or Golden Sand
SKU: 49-0121

Steel toe kick return grill by leading manufacturer TruAire Available with the enamel finish white or golden sand.

TruAire 3 Way Floor Registers
SKU: 49-0101#

Multi-Directional Heavy Duty Steel Floor Register with a durable, scuff-resistant Brown Finish.

TruAire Oil Rubbed Bronze Baseboard Register
SKU: 49-0109.

Most baseboard registers only come in white metal... Not anymore! Take a look at our beautiful Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish baseboard registers!

TruAire Satin Nickel Baseboard Register
SKU: 49-0111.

Looking for something to set your home apart from others? Get these NEW Satin Nickel Baseboard Registers to add a new look to your home in seconds!

TruAire Plastic Brown Baseboard Register
SKU: 49-0105.

Looking for a plastic baseboard register for your mobile home or bathroom? Look no further! 

TruAire White Plastic Baseboard Register
SKU: 49-0106.

These plastic baseboard registers are just what you're needing to ensure your baseboard registers won't rust over time! 

Floor Register Trap
SKU: 49-0113

Have you ever dropped an earring, a button, or any other small item down your vent before? Here is the solution to you problem - a floor register trap!