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Steel Crest Grills and Registers Accessories

Steel Crest Grills and Registers Accessories
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  Air Deflector:

This will be used on registers where the air needs to be deflected in 1 or more directions. Please see detailed picture of Air Deflector Examples and make sure when adding this item to your cart you signify which type of deflection is needed. 



Wire Mesh Backer:

If your register is being used outdoors this will help prevent any bugs or other unwanted things coming into your home through your vent.  **This should never be used with a forced-air system due to the fact that it acts as a filter with heavy dust build-up.



Speaker Cloth Backer:

Turn your regular register into a speaker grille within seconds! 



Beveled Edging:

This accessory is useful for softening up the appearence of your register to make the edges look tapered. If being used on the floor, the larger the vent the thicker the material. The manufacturer recommends beveled edging for any vent with thicker material. More Information



Concealment Louver:

This allows you to hide the duct work behind the return without effecting the airflow. Unlike normal louvers, this is not adjustable and does not open or close off airflow. This simply hides anything behind the grille.



Solid Backer:

A solid backer will block off any airflow and noise and is powder coated black to give a voided look behind the grille face.

**Please note: If you do not see your size listed in the drop down please contact us for pricing Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm Central Time. 

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