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Steel Crest 10 x 2.25 Black Wall Return - Herringbone Design

Steel Crest 10 x 2.25 Black Wall Return - Herringbone Design
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Discounted Decorative Wall Vent - Black Herringbone 10 x 2.25

This beautiful 10 x 2.25 Wall Return Grille is a discounted item made by the custom manufacturer Steel Crest. Steel Crest items have a standard lead time of 5-to-8 weeks. However, because this is a returned item, it is readily available to ship right away! It's sleek Matte Black finish is sure to go well with any home and the Herringbone design is timeless. This item is in no way damaged, the only reason for the discounted price is because it was returned to us under special circumstances. Similar to standard Steel Crest vents, this item is still considered to be non-returnable once purchased.

Steel Crest Wall Vent Highlights

  • Discounted rate
  • Beautiful Herringbone design
  • Made for a hole size of 10" x 2.25"
  • Overall dimensions of 11.5" x 3.75"
  • Readily available to ship
  • Non-returnable

This item does have screw holes for mounting and includes mounting screws for installation. There is only ONE of these items available to readily ship at this time, if you need to purchase multiple the others will have the usual 5 to 8 week lead time. 

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SKU SC-GSWG-10x2.25-Her-BLK
Price: $27.61
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