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Reggio Scroll Round Wall/Ceiling Grille

Reggio Scroll Round Wall/Ceiling Grille
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Decorative Round Wall or Ceiling Vent

Transform the look of your home with these beautiful round grilles from Reggio Registers. Available in three sizes and six stunning finishes. American made with high-strength steel. Each and every Reggio vent is hand finished and inspected guaranteeing you only get the best. Built for longevity, this metal grille will give your home a unique finishing touch.

Metal Round Grille Highlights

  • Crafted from high-strength steel
  • Available in six stunning finishes
  • Timeless classic scroll pattern
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Not for use on the floor

Scroll Round Return Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate Size
SCR8-S 6" 8"
SCR10-S 8" 10"
SCR12-S 10" 12"

Tip: Make sure to measure the interior dimensions of the duct hole opening to get the size you need. For example, a 6" hole size will require a 6" grille. The overall faceplate size will be 8".

Round Scroll Grille Colors: Black, Gray, Oil Rubbed Bronze, White, Silver and Sun Gold.

Scroll Round Grille

Note: Please allow 2-5 business days to ship directly from the manufacturer.

View all the decorative options Reggio Registers has to offer including floor vents to match!

Replacing your old wall or ceiling vents will completely update the look of your home. Order now!

Price: $65.95
Black Scroll Round Grille
White Scroll Round Grille
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