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AC Draftshield Plastic Vent Cover
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SKU: 25-0053

This plastic vent cover will seal off either you AC or heated air from escaping when not in use. Our AC draftshield will save you money on your energy bills, so order now with us!

Accord Stamped Steel Baseboard Register - White
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SKU: 61-0532#

Durable stamped steel core with protective white finish means these baseboard registers will last for years. Stocked in 3 common baseboard register sizes.

Accord Unfinished Red Oak Wall Register
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SKU: 61-0102#

Our unfinished wall air registers are made out of a red oak and can be used on sidewalls or ceilings. The oak vent cover comes with screws and is shipped for one low cost!

Almond Steel Louvered Floor Register
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SKU: 10-0018

These Almond Floor Registers have a sleek design, durable almond finish and are made entirely of steel. Controlling the airflow is made easy with the adjustable damper.

Antique Brass Plated Contemporary Floor Register
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SKU: 37-0143#

Add a dash of class to your space with these contemporary antique brass floor registers. These vents are manufactured with a steel core construction and come with an adjustable damper for controlled airflow. Sizes 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Antique Brass Plated Rockwell Floor Register
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SKU: 37-0217#

Finely crafted out of 3mm thick steel, these antique brass Rockwell registers will look good in any home. Can be wall or ceiling mounted with special instruction. Order any size from 2 x 12 to 8 x 10 today!

Antique Brass Plated Victorian Floor Register
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SKU: 37-0134#

Antique brass plated Victorian vents will look striking on your floor. Metal damper and steel core for strength. Floor registers available in sizes from 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Antique Brass Wicker Floor Register
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SKU: 61-0001#

These decorative antique brass floor registers are made with a steel faceplate and plastic damper and come in 8 sizes. Control the airflow in your home with this durable vent. Order today!