Wood Floor Registers

Air Vent Covers - Wood Floor Registers

These wood floor registers are a great option to compliment your hardwood or laminate floors. Choose from drop in air vent covers for floors that have already been installed or flush mount wood floor registers for use with flooring as it is installed. Our flush mount registers are available in many different thicknesses, wood species and sizes! Each product page includes all the measurements you may need in order to make sure you are ordering a wood register that will work for you and your home!

What is a "flush mount"?

A flush mount register is a vent that is installed flush with the flooring. Not only are these vents completely flush with the floor they are actually installed at the same time that the flooring is being installed. Flush mounts are great for areas of your home where there is a lot of heavy foot traffic as you can be walking directly over them and not even know it! All of our flush mounts as well as our drop in style wood vents come unfinished so that you can finish them to match your flooring. 

Want to browse available floor vents by the sizes you need? Check out our easy to use Browse Floor Vents by Size Page.


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