Unique Design Registers

Unique Design Vents - Decorative Floor Registers

Below you will find uniquely designed floor registers. Each option has multiple sizes available and all include an attached damper portion that allows you to control the airflow to your comfort level. Not only are these registers beautiful they are also affordable and easy to install; simply place the vent above your hole opening and drop it right into place.

"I can't find the size I'm looking for, what do I do?"

Different homes can have many different sized floor registers. If your home was built in the early 1900s (or earlier) you may have some hole openings that don't align with todays "standard" of floor register. Before going to order a floor register you always want to make sure you are measuring properly. *Always* measuring the actual hole opening in your floor and base your order off of that. For example, if you measure your hole opening and it is 4" x 12" then you will want to order a 4" x 12" vent. The overall dimensions of the vent will be slightly larger and always listed in the product description. If you measure your hole opening and it measures something like 5 3/8" x 17 1/4" then you will have to go with a Custom option. 

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