Scroll Floor Registers

Scroll Style Floor Registers - Decorative Vents

These beautiful scroll registers make the perfect addition to your homes overall look and feel. Each vent has a damper that allows you to open and close off airflow to your comfort level. As you will see below, we have a variety of different scroll designs, finishes and sizes to choose from ensuring that you will be able to find the right look to fit your home. Each of these registers are as durable as they are stunning and are designed for heavy foot traffic.

Install these registers in seconds!

One of the best parts about our floor registers is the installation. To install, simply hold the register above your hole opening and drop it right into place. No screws or installation hardware necessary! Because the damper portion sits inside of the hole opening and the faceplate boarder sits on top of the flooring these registers stay perfectly in place. Always make sure that before you order you are measuring your hole opening and basing your order off of that!

Looking for something more modern? Check out our Contemporary Style Floor Registers. Don't need a damper? We also have Floor Returns.

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37-0134Antique Brass Plated Victorian Floor Register
  • $37.07
37-0087Brushed Nickel Victorian Floor Register
  • $34.55
37-0090Copper Plated Victorian Floor Register
  • $34.55
37-0125Flat Black Victorian Floor Register
  • $34.55
37-0184Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated Victorian Floor Register
  • $34.55
37-0088Polished Brass Plated Victorian Floor Register
  • $34.55
06-210-C-ABCoastal Bronze Brass Scroll Floor Register - 5 Finishes
  • $59.00
07-210-C-ABCoastal Bronze Brass Legacy Scroll Floor Register - 5 Finishes
  • $59.00
10-0351#Satin Nickel Wonderland Floor Register
  • $10.05
10-0355#Bronze Age Wonderland Floor Register
  • $10.05
10-0359#Black Iron Wonderland Floor Register
  • $10.05
10-0406Brushed Nickel Wonderland Floor Register
  • $11.45
10-0410Oil Rubbed Bronze Wonderland Floor Register
  • $11.45
10-0415Vintage Brass Wonderland Floor Register
  • $15.05
10-0444Cast Iron Wonderland Floor Register
  • $22.25
HVT-210-BPHamilton Sinkler Scroll Bronze Patina Floor Register
  • $161.00
66-0066Sierra Grates Floral Floor Registers
  • New!
  • $18.99


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