Rust Proof Metal Registers

Rust Proof Floor Registers - Rust Proof Metal Vents

Looking for something that won't rust but isn't plastic? We've got your covered! Here you will find a variety of different rust proof metal floor registers. Rust proof vents are perfect for areas of your home that are high in moisture as you won't need to replace them every few months from rusting like you would with regular metal vents. Not only are the items below rust proof they are also decorative and designed for heavy foot traffic.

How are floor registers installed?

Almost all of our floor registers have a "drop in" style installation. What this means is that you place the vent above your hole opening and literally drop it into place. It's that easy! No installation screws, no lining things up, no leveling. Just drop it right into place. As long as you are measuring your hole opening correctly and basing your order off of those measurements installation will just take seconds!

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