Mission Floor Registers

Mission Style Floor Registers - Square Design Vents

Whether the style is referred to as Mission or Rockwell, these square design floor registers are perfect for ANY space! As you will find, our mission style floor registers come in many different finishes and sizes. This design allows for maximum airflow and every single one has a damper that allows you to control the airflow to your comfort level. Find sizes as small as 2 x 12 and as large as 8 x 10 below. Not only do each of the registers below have an adjustable damper, they also all have a drop-in style installation, making it super simple and fast to change the look and feel of your space in seconds.

What is a damper?

Each floor register comes with an attached damper that allows you to open and close off airflow to your comfort level. It is usually a metal box that is attached to the faceplate of your vent that sits completely inside of your hole opening. It will usually have a lever somewhere on the side or center of the faceplate that allows you to easily open or close off the airflow. The term register refers to a vent that has an attached damper. 

Looking for a more decorative options? Check out our Decorative Custom items. 


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