Geometric Design Registers

Unique Geometric Design Floor Registers

Below you will find a variety of different geometric style floor registers that will elevate the look and feel of any home, office space, hair salon, storefront and more! You will be shocked by the difference a floor register can make to a space. All of our floor registers have an easy, drop in style installation process and easy to use damper levers. The dampers are either made of metal or plastic, which will be listed on each individual product page. 

"How do I measure for a floor register?"

It is important that you are measuring your hole opening size properly when looking to replace your old floor registers. A common mistake customers make is thinking they need to measure the existing register. You always want to start by removing your existing register and measuring the actual hole opening in your floor and base your order off that. You will notice in each product page we list the Hole Size as well as the Faceplate Size or Overall Dimensions. 

Need a custom size? Check out our Custom Grills and Registers!


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