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Floor Register Trap

Floor Register Trap
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TruAire Register Trap - Easy to Install Floor Vent Trap

If you've ever dropped something valuable or even something unimportant down your floor vents you know the struggle of trying to search for it down your ductwork. With this floor register trap you won't have to worry about that happening ever again! This simple floor register trap is easy to install and remove and will prevent items from falling into your ductwork. It will not lessen the airflow coming through the vent. 

Floor Register Trap Highlights:

  • Prevents items from falling into your ductwork
  • Does not hamper airflow
  • Product is used with your existing register
  • Easy to install and remove for cleaning

Floor Vent Trap Available Sizes:

Floor Register Trap Sizes:
4 x 10
4 x 12

Please note: You want to measure the actual hole opening when ordering and not the register faceplate dimensions.

We offer a wide variety of Floor Registers to choose from. Place your order today!

SKU 49-0113
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