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Double Deflection Spiral Duct Diffuser

Double Deflection Spiral Duct Diffuser
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Commercial Duct Diffuser - Double Deflection Vent w/ Scoop

Our Double Deflection Spiral Duct Diffusers are available in an unfinished aluminum look and come in 3 different sizes. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to have an industrial look to their buildings, leaving most ductwork exposed in their ceilings. With that comes the need for these spiral duct vents. Wherever you are needing air to leave the ductwork and enter the open space, a hole is cut in the duct work and these diffusers are then sealed into the duct work. This product also does come with all the necessary screws and foam pieces for proper installation.

What does "scoop" mean?This product does include a scoop, which is a plate portion on the back of the diffuser. The meaning behind scoop is that it 'scoops' the air from the duct work out the vent. The scoop is adjustable and should be adjusted prior to installation.

Commercial Duct Diffuser Highlights

  • Includes necessary screws and foam for installation
  • Attached scoop
  • Clean unfinished aluminum appearance
  • Seals directly into duct work with included foam

Spiral Duct Diffuser Sizing:

Item # Hole Size Minumum Duct Size
24-0308 12" x 4" 8" or more in diameter
24-0309 12" x 6" 10" or more in diameter
24-0310 14" x 6" 10" or more in diameter


Tip: When installing, first move the fins to their desired angle. Next, to make sure the scoop is secured in the proper spot lift the tab from the front of the diffuser and secure the metal arm through the hole of said tab and adjust the scoop to the desired angle. Once that is complete, you can cut off any excess arm. 

**Limited stock available

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Order these Double Deflection Spiral Duct Vents and have them shipped directly to your home or commercial location!

SKU 24-0308
Price: $125.59
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