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Deflecto Pop Open Plastic Wall/Ceiling Register

Deflecto Pop Open Plastic Wall/Ceiling Register

Deflect-o Plastic Pop-open Wall/Ceiling Register

These 3 way deflection registers are a great way to diffuse air to the left, right and down. Light weight and water proof they would be a perfect addition to any bathroom, swimming pool or hot tub area. No need to worry about rust ever again. They are easy to install and has a larger faceplate to cover any marks from previous vents.

The pop open design make them easy to open and close. They come in 4 popular sizes: 10 x 6, 10 x 8, 12 x 6 and 8 x 4 (8 x 4 is only single deflection).

SKU # Opening Size Faceplate Size
25-0019 8" x 4"
(single deflection only)
10" x 6"
25-0011 10" x 6" 12 7/16" x 8 7/16"
25-0012 10" x 8" 12 7/16" x 10 7/16"
25-0013 12" x 6" 14 7/16" x 8 7/16"

***PLEASE NOTE: These items have been discontinued and have a limited available stock. 

When measuring for any grill or register please measure the hole opening and not the exisiting grill or register. 
If the hole is 10 x 6 you should order a 10 x 6 register. All wall/ceiling registers are measured width by height.

**These are only for the wall or ceiling and can not be used on the floor.

10 x 6 Plastic Wall Register Qualities

- Simple push and pull design
- Can be painted or stained 
- Contains mounting screws and easy to use damper
- 3-way deflection (left, right and down towards)
- Great for bathrooms, swimming pools and hot tub areas
- Made with a larger frame to cover any marks from previous registers

More plastic wall registers are available for purchase.

Order you new plastic wall registers today!

SKU 25-0019
Price: $9.99
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