Deflect-o - Plastic Air Control

Deflect-o is a manufacturer who specializes in plastic registers and air deflectors to help control air flow. The plastic floor registers are strong enough to walk on and if you have a vent opening under a piece of furniture they can help direct the air into the room. You can also find air deflectors for just about every vent, including wall, floor and baseboard registers. Some even come with a dust filter for better circulation and cleaner air.

Problems with your vents rusting?

We receive a lot of customers looking for vent covers that they can have in their bathroom without rusting. These items are perfect for that as they are made out of plastic and will never rust. Also great for humid climates and along oceans. Not only do these products give you complete control over airflow within your home but they are also very economical. No matter how big your project is they won't break the bank. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Deflect-o products at 866-258-1554. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm, CST.

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