Cover Luxe

Cover Luxe Baseboard Covers & Accessories

Improve the look and feel of your home with Cover Luxe highly durable patented baseboard covers. These easy to install covers and accessories won’t rust, chip or dent. Choose from modern and stylish colors while maximizing your heating efficiency.

Cover Luxe Baseboard Cover Highlights

  • Highly durable patented baseboard covers and accessories
  • Will not rust, chip or dent
  • Energy efficient and easy to install

Check out our Cove Base and Transition Strips to give your home a whole new look. Order today!

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CLBBKit-2WCover Luxe Baseboard Kit
  • $51.99
CL-OutCWCover Luxe Baseboard Out Corner
  • $29.99
CL-EndWCover Luxe Hot Water Baseboard Cover End Caps
  • $25.99
CL-InCWCover Luxe Inside Corner Connector
  • $19.99
CL-SCWCover Luxe Snap Cap Joiner
  • $12.99

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