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Steel Commercial Grilles & Commercial Ceiling Vents

Here you will find square and round commercial vents ranging in sizes. The 4 way ceiling grilles are perfect for use in grid ceilings and will provide your space with a 360 degree airflow because air diffuses on all four sides. The round ceiling grilles and diffusers also give a 360 degree airflow and have matching hardware for installation included with your purchase.

"What do I measure for a 4 Way Ceiling Grille?"

Our Square 4 Way Steel Ceiling Grills have a faceplate dimension of 23.75" x 23.75" so you want to make sure you measure the actual duct working in the ceiling when ordering. It's duct collar is 2 inches tall and that is what slips right into the duct work. Be sure to measure the duct work diameter. If your duct work measures 8 inches in diameter, you will want to order an 8 inch 4 Way Ceiling Grille. 

Don't forget to take a look at our Round Ceiling Grilles below! Looking for a ceiling grille for your home? Check out our Wall Return Grilles.

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49-0303+0303D10 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser
  • $53.15
49-030310 Inch Round Ceiling Grille
  • $22.55
49-0304+0304D12 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser
  • $58.29
49-030412 Inch Round Ceiling Grille
  • $34.09
49-0305+0305D14 Inch Round Ceiling Diffuser
  • $80.39
49-030514 Inch Round Ceiling Grille
  • $44.75
49-0301Return Air Grille - 6 Inch Round
  • $15.69
49-0302Return Air Grille - 8 Inch Round
  • $18.25
49-0301+0301DWhite Round Register - 6 Inch
  • $30.55
49-0302+0302DWhite Round Register - 8 Inch
  • $35.59
3800-6Commercial Round Butterfly Damper
  • $18.99
FPD3-64 Way Steel Ceiling Grill Non-Insulated
  • $82.25


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