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Coastal Bronze Black Iron Legacy

Coastal Bronze Black Iron Legacy
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Black Iron Legacy Vent - Coastal Bronze Register

Heavy and durable Coastal Bronze registers are made to last. Decorative vents come in a black iron finish with a stunning legacy design that will make any space look amazing. Coastal Bronze registers are available in 10 different sizes and have a damper that will allow for complete control of airflow. Vents are highly rust resistant and made from 100% recycled metals with a 5mm thick iron cast. See the difference Coastal Bronze registers can make in your home.

Coastal Bronze Black Iron Highlights

- Solid cast with 5mm thick iron
- Highly rust resistant
- 100% recycled metals
- Super durable and heavy duty
- Damper for airflow control

Black Iron Floor Vent Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Overall Dimensions
01-210-A-19 2" x 10" 3.5" x11"
01-212-A-19 2" x 12" 3.65" x 13.25"
01-214-A-19 2" x 14" 3.65" x 15.25"
01-310-A-19 3" x 10" 4.25" x 11"
01-410-A-19 4" x 10" 5.25" x 11"
01-412-A-19 4" x 12" 5.25" x 13"
01-414-A-19 4" x 14" 5.25" 15"
01-610-A-19 6" x 10" 6.5" x 11"
01-612-A-19 6" x 12" 6.5" x 12.75"
01-614-A-19 6" x 14" 6.75" x 15.25"

Tip: When ordering your heavy duty floor registers, make sure you are getting the measurement of the hole in the floor. A 4 x 10 metal vent will fit into a hole opening which measures 4 x 10.

Please Note: This item is shipping directly from the manufacturer and will have a lead time of 5-7 weeks.

We also have this design available in our Coastal Bronze Brass Series with 5 finishes you can choose from.

Looking for different style options in the Coastal Bronze series? They are offered in 8 different designs that you will love.

Need something different? We have a wide selection of floor registers that will fit your needs.
Purchase your new Coastal Bronze Legacy Classic today!

SKU 01-210-A-19
Price: $49.00
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