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Basic Floor Registers

Basic Floor Registers - Floor Louvered Vents

These basic floor register are perfect for any home, rental property, office space or commercial building. Each option below is available in multiple, common sizes and are extremely affordable. If you don't see the size you are needing feel free to give us a call or take a look at our Custom Grills and Registers.

"What does louvered mean?"

The term louvered is usually used interchangably with the term register, basically meaning it has a damper that allows you to open and close off airflow as needed. Louvered actually refers to the dampers angled fins that swing open and closed using a lever system. Most vents in your home that push air out need a louvered vent, or a vent that has a damper. If the hole you are covering brings air into your HVAC system then you would want to go with a Floor Return

Looking for a standard size in a more decorative design? We have Contemporary, Geometric, Scroll and other Unique Design Floor Registers to choose from!


Almond Steel Louvered Floor Register
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SKU: 10-0019

These Almond Floor Registers have a sleek design, durable almond finish and are made entirely of steel. Controlling the airflow is made easy with the adjustable damper.

Brown Louvered Floor Register
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SKU: 61-0488#

Brown vent covers in a classic style and color. 11 popular sizes available starting at 2 x 10 up to 6 x 14.

Heavy Gauge Steel Floor Register
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SKU: 24-0078#

Our heavy duty floor registers are made out of a steel construction and are top of the line! Offered in a light brown enamel, this metal vent is easy to install, simply drop into your floor opening!

Pewter Steel Louvered Floor Register
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SKU: 10-0015

Imperial Steel Floor Registers are now available in a beautiful Pewter finish. This sleek, all steel floor register is available in 3 different sizes!

TruAire Brown 3 Way Floor Registers
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SKU: 49-0101#

Multi-Directional Heavy Duty Steel Floor Register with a durable, scuff-resistant Brown Finish.

TruAire White 3 Way Floor Registers
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SKU: 49-0097

Use this multi-directional floor register to help direct airflow in your home or office. It's white powder coat finish is durable against scuffs and scratches. 

White Steel Louvered Floor Register
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SKU: 61-0503#

Find classic white floor registers in 11 sizes from 2.25 x 10 up to 6 x 14. These White Steel Louvered Floor Registers are an economical option for any space.