Rectangular Baseboard Return Grilles

Rectangular Baseboard Returns - Baseboard Vents

These Rectangular Baseboard Returns are available in not only metal but plastic and wood options as well! There are multiple finishes to choose from, all with a sleek and clean contemporary style design. There vents are just grilles, meaning they are always open and do not have the option of closing off airflow. Each metal baseboard return has a side depth from the wall of approximately 7/8" and all overall dimensions are listed on each product page. 

"What is the difference between a Baseboard Return and a Wall Grille?"

The simple answer to this question is that a baseboard return goes near the baseboard of the wall and a wall grille goes everywhere else on the wall. In most cases, a baseboard return goes on the wall nearest to the floor. There are times where the grille will actually touch the floor and be positioned in between two pieces of baseboard trim, typically being wood. If there is not only a hole in your wall but also in the flooring, that usually means you need a Triangular Baseboard Return

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