Rectangular Baseboard Registers

Baseboard Diffusers - Rectangular Baseboard Registers

Below you will find a variety of different rectangular baseboard registers! We have a plate damper style as well as a louvered style available. We have hard to find Shoemaker Baseboard Registers in their classic brown as well as designer colors. Included in each product page is a description of the product, overall dimensions, depth from the wall, fin spacing and more!

"Why would I need to control the airflow?"

As some may know, a register simply means it has an attached 'damper' portion that allows you to open and close off airflow to your comfort level. Some customers may ask, why is airflow control necessary? For some, being able to control the airflow means saving money by closing off airflow to rooms in your home you don't necessarily use either in the winter or summer. It can also mean not getting too warm or too cold in your occupied rooms as well. If you don't utilize the register you have now, take a look at our Rectangular Baseboard Returns instead!

Check out our full line of rectangular baseboard vents by size using our Browse Baseboard Vents by Size page.


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