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Wood Wall Registers

Wood Wall Registers - Ceiling and Wall Wood Diffusers

Below you will find both finished and unfinished wood wall registers. Each of the three options are equipped with dampers that allows you to open and close off airflow to your comfort level. The Light Oak Finished Wall/Ceiling Register and Accord Unfinished Red Oak Wall Register have durable plastic dampers and solid oak faceplates whereas the Pattern Cut Wall Registers have steel constructed dampers and laser cut, cherry maple or oak veneer options. 



Accord Unfinished Red Oak Wall Register
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SKU: 61-0102#

Our unfinished wall air registers are made out of a red oak and can be used on sidewalls or ceilings. The oak vent cover comes with screws and is shipped for one low cost!

Light Oak Finished Sidewall Ceiling Register
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SKU: 61-0105

Durable wood register covers by Accord are made out of a red oak and are pre stained. The adjustable damper in the back is made from plastic so it won't rust! These wood vents offer a different option from the standard white registers.

Pattern Cut Designer Wall Registers
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SKU: 10-0501+Damper

Use these Pattern Cut design wood wall registers in either your ceiling or wall. The wood decorative vent comes with a steel damper which will turn your airflow either on or off. These items are considered Special Order, Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once placed with a extended lead time.