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Wood Baseboard Registers

Wood Baseboard Registers - Baseboard Vent Covers

Wood Baseboard Registers allow you to add a unique touch to your homes decor. We have a variety of different wood species to choose from and have either finished or unfinished baseboard registers. Having the choice to go with unfinished allows you to be able to completely match the baseboard register to your flooring or trim by staining the register yourself. All of our Wood Baseboard Registers come in a clean, contemporary style design.

Natural Finish vs Unfinished Wood Baseboard Registers

Making the decision between Natural Finish and Unfinished can sometimes be difficult! The main difference between the two is an obvious one - one has a finish on it and one does not. The Natural Finish registers have a clear lacquer which displays the natural beauty of the wood. Because it is 100% wood, when buying multiples keep in mind that they may differ slightly from each other. Going with Unfinished allows you to be able to choose the finish to either match your existing floors or trim. 

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Unfinished Wood Baseboard with Damper
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Wooden Baseboard Registers with many options to be sure it is a perfect fit for any home. Many different wood types including White Oak. Finish to match your baseboard. This item is considered Special Order, Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once placed.

TruAire Red Oak Wood Baseboard Diffuser - Unfinished
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SKU: 49-0115

Unfinished baseboard diffusers will allow you to stain them to match your wood floors or trim. Suitable for rear and bottom feed baseboard duct holes. Available in 15" and 18" sizes.

Unfinished Wood Baseboard Returns - Red Oak Custom Wood Vents
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SKU: 64-0026

Custom wood baseboard covers available in standard lengths and hard-to-find sizes like 30 inches. Unfinished custom wood vents can be stained or painted to match your baseboard trim. This item is Special Order, Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once placed. Order today!