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Wholesale Registers - Decorative Floor Vents

Wholesale Registers is a manufacturer who specializes in decorative floor and wall registers. Their signature and most well-known designs are Victorian, Contemporary and Rockwell, which are available in multiple sizes and finish options. Each register is made of durable steel and have a lacquer coated finish helping to ensure these registers are made to last! Each register also has an attached damper portion that allows you to open and close off airflow as needed.

"Can Wholesale Registers be used in the wall?"

Yes! These registers can be used for the floor and the wall! The Victorian and Contemporary 6" wide sizes do come with "knock out" screw holes allowing you to either keep them in and install them in the floor or take them out and, with the included matching hardware, install them into the wall.

As for the other sizes that are available, those too can be used in the wall! Wholesale Registers offer what they call Wall Clips that, when installed, allow you to turn these floor registers into wall registers. The wall clips attach to the sides of the damper portion and sit inside the wall, so you won't even know they're there! Wall Clips are only for wall use and cannot be used for ceiling installation.

Check out all of the Metal Floor Registers we have to offer! Looking for Wood, Plastic or Custom Floor Registers? We have those too! 


Brushed Nickel Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0087#

This floor register is a classic Victorian design with a refreshing satin nickel finish. Sizes 2 x 10 inches to 6 x 14 inches.

Wall Register Clips
SKU: 37-0133#
Wall mounting clips for Rockwell, Victorian & Contemporary Floor Registers to create wall registers.
Polished Brass Plated Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0088#

These finely crafted brass floor vents will add beauty and function to your home. They can be used on the floor, wall, or ceiling, see inside for specific details. Sizes 2 x 10 to 6 x 14 available.

Antique Brass Plated Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0134#

Antique brass plated Victorian vents will look striking on your floor. Metal damper and steel core for strength. Floor registers available in sizes from 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Copper Plated Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0090#

Copper floor registers are a perfect accent for your home. The Victorian design is sure to be an eye catcher. Choose from sizes 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Flat Black Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0125#

Fun and functional registers with a flat black finish and Victorian design are perfect for your home. Select from 9 different sizes: 2x 10 to 6 x 14.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated Victorian Floor Register
SKU: 37-0184#

These Victorian vents are not only a beautiful accent piece for your home, they are also functional, allowing you to control air flow. Select from size 2 x 10 up to 6 x 14.

Antique Brass Plated Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0143#

Add a dash of class to your space with these contemporary antique brass floor registers. These vents are manufactured with a steel core construction and come with an adjustable damper for controlled airflow. Sizes 2 x 10 to 6 x 14.

Polished Brass Plated Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0089#

Look no further for modern decorative floor registers which allows you to control airflow. These polished brass 3mm plated contemporary vents are just the thing your home decor is looking for. Available now in 9 standard sizes.

Brushed Nickel Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0086#

Compliment any space with our modern brushed nickel floor registers. Make your life a little bit easier with the drop in installation of these durable steel registers. Buy today and see the difference. Available in 2 x10 all the way to 6 x 14.

Copper Plated Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0098#

Stylish copper vent covers plated in 3mm steel can be yours today by just a call or click of the mouse. There is a protective lacquer that also helps to prevent tarnishing. We have sizes from 2 x 10 to 6 x 14!

Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0193#

Durable and affordable, these oil rubbed bronze contemporary vent covers add a richness of color to your life. Available in 9 sizes, these floor registers come with a steel core construction and steel damper. Try it today!

Flat Black Contemporary Floor Register
SKU: 37-0202#

Our contemporary, black floor registers have a one step drop in installation. The 2" and 4" wide sizes can also be wall mounted with metal brackets which are sold separately. Order today!

Polished Brass Plated Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0227#

Decorative Rockwell floor air vents made with 3mm thick steel are great for your home or office. This polish brass register will accent all styles and will bring a sunny look to your space. There are 8 sizes available!

Antique Brass Plated Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0217#

Finely crafted out of 3mm thick steel, these antique brass Rockwell registers will look good in any home. Can be wall or ceiling mounted with special instruction. Order any size from 2 x 12 to 8 x 10 today!

Brushed Nickel Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0219#

Decorative brushed nickel floor registers, with easy drop in installation, will brighten up your space with their Rockwell design. Sizes from 2 x 12 to 8 x 10.Durable and affordable, try today!

Copper Plated Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0229

Bright and classic, these copper floor register will give redesign your space with its beautiful Rockwell design. They are made for the floor but can also be wall mounted, with the proper equipment, so your whole house can be made to match. Available in sizes 2x12 to 8x10.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Plated Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0225#

Warm and finely crafted, our Rockwell oil rubbed bronze registers are made out a 3mm thick steel core. Made for strength, these metal floor vents can be floor or wall mounted! Choose from our range of sizes: 2 x 12 to 8 x 10.

Flat Black Rockwell Floor Register
SKU: 37-0223#

Our black floor vents will work great in your home or office with its powder coating finish to help prevent tarnishing. Made with a steel damper that is adjustable, this product is a sturdy choice. Ranging from sizes 2 x 12 to 8 x 10.

Vintage Baseboard Vent - White Gravity Baseboard Register
SKU: 1312GBW#

Replace old central gravity baseboard registers with these bright, attractive white vintage baseboard vents. Hard-to-find triangular baseboard register sizes of 13x12 and 15x12.

Gravity Baseboard Diffuser - Black Baseboard Register
SKU: 1312GBB

Decorative baseboard register in a hard-to-find gravity style. This black baseboard register features an attractive grid design. The bottom projection of this gravity baseboard diffuser is 2.5 inches. This decorative gravity baseboard is only available in the size 13x12.