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Wall Return Filter Grilles

Wall Filter Grilles - Return Air Filter Grilles

These filter grilles are designed for the wall and are available in metal and wood. Some are even completely customizable! We not only offer filter grilles in many different sizes, we have a wide variety of decorative patterns and designs to choose from.

What is the importance of a filter grille?

A filter grille is used to filter the air being pushed into your furnace which then pushes out the air either heating or cooling your home. Not only does it filter the air preventing dust and debris from flowing around, it also insures your duct work is protected and can even improve efficiency in heating and cooling your home. 

No need for a filter grille? No worries! Take a look at our Wall Return Grilles

Wood Return Filter Grilles
Wood Return Filter Grilles
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Decorative Filter Grills
Decorative Filter Grills
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Reggio Scroll Filter Grille
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SKU: SCF1616
Reggio Scroll Filter Grilles are ideal for new contruction or renovations! Made in America from high-strength steel with a decorative scroll pattern. Available in six beautiful finish options.