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TruAire Brown Steel Baseboard Register

TruAire Brown Steel Baseboard Register
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Brown Baseboard Register - Metal Baseboard Diffuser

Trying to replace your old, rusted baseboard registers? Look no further! These TruAire Brown Baseboard Registers are available in 15", 18" and 24" lengths with a height of 4 1/2". Their sunburst design creates a three way air deflection evenly dispursing the air throughout the entire room. The adjustable damper allows you to close off and open up the airflow as needed and the faceplate is easily removable for easy access to installation as well as cleaning and maintenance. Not only are these baseboard registers made of heavy duty stamped steel, they also have a durable powder coat finish that protects it against scuffs, scratches and helps prevent rusting!

TruAire Brown Baseboard Diffuser Highlights

  • Sunburst design with 3-way air deflection
  • Removable faceplate for easy maintenance
  • Metal registers with powder coat finish
  • Adjustable damper
  • For use with heating and cooling systems

Baseboard Register Available Sizes:

Item # Register Length Base Projection Top Projection Height
49-0094 15" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"
49-0095 18" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"
49-0096 24" 2 11/16" 7/8" 4 1/2"

Discover baseboard diffusers in more finish and design options.

Replacing old metal registers will really brighten the look of any room. Don't delay, order today!

SKU 49-0094
Price: $13.15
TruAire Brown Steel Baseboard Register
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