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Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan

Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan

Suncourt EntreeAir Door Frame Fan - Circulate Warm Air

The Suncourt EntreeAir door frame fan efficiently circulates warm or cool air from one room to another. This economically friendly fan is affordable and easy-to-use. Mount this Suncourt fan directly into any door frame, and even works great in recreational vehicles. No loud fan here! This Suncourt fan operates quietly for pennies a day! Keep your home at a perfect temperature with this door frame fan. The Suncourt fan is available in brown or pearl.

Easy-to-install Suncourt Fan Directions:


  1. Mounting Template included.
  2. Place either the narrow end of template against the top edge of the door frame with the long edge against the doorstop.
  3. Install one screw at each center point. Allow screw to project 1/4". Position the unit securely on the screws.
  4. The EntreeAir door frame fan is installed over the screws by placing the two keyhole slots over the screw heads. Make sure the Suncourt fan slips over the screws and locks into place.
  5. Secure included power cord with cord clips (included with purchase).

  6. Need more installation help? Video installation instructions:

    Need to move warm/cool air from room to room? Check out the plug-in Suncourt Fan Thruwall.


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Price: $42.69
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Suncourt Fan - EntreeAir Door Frame Fan
Suncourt EntreeAir - Door Frame Fan
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