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SMI Ventilation - Plastic Vent Covers

SMI produces unique plastic wall grills and rectangular baseboard grills. These plastic covers offer a decorative option as most plastic vents are usually very basic. SMI air return grilles are sold in white, but can be painted to match your decor.

”I need a decorative stocked vent that won't rust”

We receive a lot of customers looking for wall and baseboard covers that they can have in their bathroom or in humid climates without rusting. Please contact us at 866-258-1554 for a quote for the custom thickness and for more information on special ordering or with any other questions. Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm CST

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Decorative Baseboard Cover Plastic
SKU: 36-0001#

Decorative baseboard covers sold in four common sizes. Purchase these hard-to-find no-rust decorative air return grille covers for your kitchen, bath, or other areas in your home that previously had issues with rusting baseboard return grilles.

Plastic Decorative Return Air Grille
SKU: 36-0007#

Replace your current boring wall or ceiling covers with these beautiful decorative return air grilles. These no rust plastic return air grilles feature a scroll design and bright white color. Plastic ceiling vent covers available in 3 standard sizes.