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Return Air Grille - Unfinished Red Oak

Return Air Grille - Unfinished Red Oak
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Unfinished Oak Vent Covers - Return Air Grilles

Our red oak vent covers by Accord are made from solid North American wood and are left unfinished. These return air grilles, made for the wall or ceiling, can be stained to match any room in your home! Oak vent covers are a great alternative to traditional metal grilles which can rust over time. Replace those return air grilles with this great wooden vent during your remodeling projects for an affordable price.

These oak vent covers are open slotted grilles which do not come with a damper. The return air grilles can be used in both your heating and your cooling needs as it allows air to constantly flow. Accord oak vent covers are 1/2" thick and are easily installed into your wall by mounting with screws. The return air grilles come with screws. Get yours today!

Oak Vent Cover Highlights

  • Return air grilles made from North American Red Oak
  • Use on walls or ceilings
  • Will not rust like metal vents
  • Open grill for constant airflow
  • 1/2" thick faceplate
  • Screws included

Unfinished Oak Grille Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate
61-0100 10 x 6 Dimensions will vary.

Tip: When ordering return air grilles, it is the industry's standard to order by the hole opening in your wall or ceiling. Do not measure any previously owned grill. The 10 x 6 oak vent covers will cover a hole measure 10" x 6".

We also offer custom Wood Return Grilles in beautiful decorative designs.

Order the oak vent covers now to update your style and give your home a more natural feeling.

SKU 61-0100#
Price: $25.05
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