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Rectangular Wall Registers


Toe Kick Register
SKU: 24-0301#

This steel toe kick register comes in 3 handy sizes for tight spaces. Our brown vents are equipped with an adjustable damper which will open or close off airflow distribution.

Sidewall / Ceiling Register
SKU: 61-0512#

Purchase this sidewall and ceiling register today and improve your offices airflow with it's bidirectional diffuser. Screws for this metal air diffuser are included for easy installation.

Imperial Sidewall Register
SKU: 10-0135#

These sidewall registers are made out of all steel and have a swinging plate damper in the back. Use these white vents in your commercial or residential locations.

Shoemaker 850 White Metal Sidewall / Ceiling Register
SKU: 24-1104#

Hard-to-find large wall vents available in 12 sizes. This white steel sidewall / ceiling register has a mutli-shutter damper for complete air control.