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Polished Brass Plated Contemporary Floor Register

Polished Brass Plated Contemporary Floor Register
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Decorative Metal Register - Contemporary Brass Vent Cover

Well designed decorative air grilles are hard to come by, especially with such a simple drop in installation process. Our polished brass vent covers are crafted with a steel damper which allows for heating and cooling airflow control. The decorative air grille is also made with a 3mm thick faceplate, which adds durability to the overall, modern design. The polished brass vent cover is crafted with a lacquered finish to help prevent wear and tear on the decorative air grilles faceplate. These decorative air grilles can be used on the wall or ceiling, see below for more details.

Brass Plated Vent Cover Highlights

  • Brass vent cover drops into floor opening
  • Open and close off airflow
  • Faceplate plated in polished brass
  • 3mm thick steel construction

Polished Brass Floor Register Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate Size
37-0089 2.25 x 10 3 7/16 x 11 3/16
37-0072 2.25 x 12 3 7/16 x 13 3/16
37-0124 2.25 x 14 3 7/16 x 15 3/16
37-0073 ***4 x 10 5 5/16 x 11 1/4
37-0074 4 x 12 5 5/16 x 13 1/4
37-0075 4 x 14 5 5/16 x 15 1/4
37-0076 6 x 10 7 3/8 x 11 3/4
37-0077 6 x 12 7 3/8 x 13 3/4
37-0078 6 x 14 7 3/8 x 15 3/4

***Out of stock with No ETA

Tip: To order the correct decorative air grille do not measure your current brass vent cover. Instead you must measure the floor hole opening.

These 2.25" and 4" decorative air grilles can also be used on your walls! Sold separately are the wall mounting brackets which can easily be attached to the back of your brass vent cover.

Check out the 6" wide brass vent covers which can also be used on walls or ceilings. These decorative air grille have knock out screw holes, which is further explained in our video, which gives it the added support needed when mounted into the ceiling.

We also offer a wide variety of other styles and finishes.

Buy our decorative air grille and add a contemporary, polished look to your everyday life.

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Price: $34.55
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