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Plastic Return Grilles

Plastic Return Grilles - Resin Wall Vents

Looking for a wall grille that won't rust over time? A plastic return grille is just what you need! We have stocked options available as well as custom options. Out of our stocked plastic return grilles we have over 10 different sizes available all in a simple design with a sleak white finish. Our custom options have over 50 sizes available with 12 different design options! Not only do we have regular rectangular and square sizes for our custom pieces we also have some round sizes available as well.

Plastic vs Metal

The main reason some customers choose to go with Plastic Wall Return Grilles is because they will not rust over time. If you have a wall grille in your bathroom or laundry room or any room that may experience any sort of moisture it is usually a good idea to go with plastic, this way you won't need to replace the vent every few months due to rusting. There are usually more size and finish options when it comes to metal return grilles however we do work with a manufacturer called Disinguished Design who is able to make plastic grilles in many different sizes, designs and a few different finish options as well!

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Return Air Grille - Plastic
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Plastic vent covers are the ultimate solution to stop rusting vents from attacking your ductwork. This classic cold air return can be used on the wall or the ceiling and will sit virtually flat once mounted.