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Plastic Floor Registers

Rust Free Floor Registers - Plastic Floor Vents

Plastic Floor Registers are the perfect solution to your high moisture areas of your home that can't seem to keep a metal register from rusting. Each of these registers has a damper attached that allows you to control the airflow to your comfort level. These are meant for the floor so having people step on them and walk over them is completely okay and will not damage the vents at all.

Functional and affordable!

These plastic floor vents are functional, afforable and designed for foot traffic. Installation is also made easy! To install, simply place the vent above your hole and drop it into place. You can change the look and feel of an area in your home or office space within seconds!

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Deflect-O Plastic Floor Register - Brown
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SKU: 25-0021#

These Deflect-o plastic floor registers can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Our brown vents will diffuse air up and have a easily adjustable damper. Click or call to order yours!

Deflect-O Plastic Floor Register - White
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SKU: 25-0020#

Made completely out of plastic, Deflect-O vents will not rust or corrode! These white floor registers feature a vertical, contemporary look and will diffuse the airflow in your home. Buy them today for your bathroom or kitchen floors!

Imperial White Plastic Floor Register
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SKU: 10-0009

This white vent cover is made completely out of plastic, so it will not rust. The damper on this plastic air diffuser is adjustable, allowing you control of the airflow. Swap out rusted metal registers for these today!

Plastic Pop-Up Register and Air Deflector
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SKU: 10-0151#

One of a kind pop up floor register diffuses air from the top or will pop up to deflect your air. Made out of a sturdy plastic, this air vent cover is rust proof and can be used in moist areas. Have it delivered to your door! Available in White or Tan