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Metal Return Filter Grilles

Metal Return Filter Grills - Wall/Ceiling Filter Vent

Filter Grills can be hard to find - and some can be extremely costly! We offer classic white filter grilles at an affordable price with over 30 different sizes. Our filter grilles hold the standard 1" filter and has a latch door that opens and closes making cleaning, replacing and installing your filter simple and easy. Each Filter Vent comes with the necessary screws for installation however the filters are sold seperately. 

"How do I know if I need a filter grille?"

If you look around your home you will notice some of your vents have a lever that allows you to open and close off airflow and some are regular return grilles. Most times return grilles intake air that is then transfered to your furnace which is turned into cool or heated air that then cools or heats your home. If you look even further you may notice lots of dust and debris collecting in the fins of your return vent, this means that all of that dust and debris is being brought into your furnace and back out into the air that heats and cools your home. This is a perfect instance to which customers prefer to have a filter grille in place to filter out all of that dust and debris. 

Don't need a filter? Check out our Wall Return Grilles. Looking for a register with a damper? We have those too! Check out our Wall Registers


1 Inch Filter - Permanent
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SKU: 25-0015#
These 1" washable air filters are eco-friendly and perfect to replace your disposable filters. This reusable furnace filter is easily washed so that it can be used over and over! Order according to your hole opening in the wall.
Return Air Filter Grilles - White
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SKU: 61-0706

Classically simple, these white return air filter grilles will work on your walls and ceilings. The white vents had a latched frame which can be removed for cleaning or changing your air filter. Filter is sold separately.