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Hart and Cooley sells a wide selection of wall registers, wall grilles, floor registers, floor grilles, baseboards, ceiling grilles and registers. Many items are made completely out of steel with a rust resistant powder coat so they will be sure to last you a long time. Their Plastic sidewall ceiling register would be perfect in a bathroom as it will stay rust free. These come in 3 popular sizes.

" I need a large round ceiling register "

We have a lot of customers looking for oversized round ceiling registers for businesses so that they can control the airflow of a larger round vent opening. Hart and Cooley makes these Large Round Grilles and Registers in many sizes. They also manufacture Satin Anodized Aluminum Floor Registers offering a rust free floor register option that is VERY hard to find! Many people do have a really hard time finding Aluminum Floor Registers so that is why we offer it in 9 common sizes.
Not seeing a Hart and Cooley item you are interested in? Please contact us at 866-258-1554 for more information on special ordering or with any other questions. Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm, CST.

Check out our manufacturer Shoemaker for even more register options. Needing a custom sized round grill? Steel Crest is able to make almost any size needed!


4 Way Steel Ceiling Grill Non-insulated
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Our 4 way commercial air vents provide large air volume delivery with its three tiered cone faceplate. Use this drop ceiling vent in your commercial location and install without any hardware.

Baseboard Return Air Grille - Golden Sand Finish
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SKU: 24-0407#

Our cold air return vent has a turn back of 7/8" from the wall. This baseboard vent covers body is made out of all steel and has no damper on the back.

Commercial Round Butterfly Damper
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SKU: 3800-6

This butterfly damper is round and can attach to the 4 way commercial drop ceiling vents. Sliding clips are used for attaching them to the grilles duct collar and can be easily be opened or closed with provided handle. Available in 5 sizes and finished in a golden sand color.

Plastic Sidewall Ceiling Register - White
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SKU: 24-1551#
This no rust bathroom wall vent is great to use in rooms with high levels of moisture. Made from all plastic, this white vent will direct air bidirectionally at your will.
Classic White Triangular Baseboard Return
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SKU: 24-0077#
Beautiful baseboard vent is crafted with a sunburst design which allows air to flow in three directions. The return air grill is 18" long and has a protective enamel coating to prevent corrosion.