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Gravity Baseboard Diffuser - Decorative Black Baseboard Register

Gravity Baseboard Diffuser - Decorative Black Baseboard Register
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Decorative Black Baseboard Register - Gravity Baseboard Vent

Replace your existing old gravity baseboard registers today with this affordable and attractive black black baseboard register. These decorative baseboard registers will work with modern forced air furnaces but are meant to replace old central gravity baseboard registers. These gravity baseboard diffusers feature a durable black powder coated finish and grid design.

Each gravity baseboard diffuser comes with a multi-fin damper, which allows you to control the airflow coming from the decorative baseboard register by adjusting on the louver. The gravity baseboard diffuser project away from the wall in a triangular fashion and the depth from the wall at the bottom is 2 1/2". Upper projection is 1". This item is shipped in two pieces including the baseboard frame and register insert, and has easy installation instructions. PDF instructions on how to install the gravity black baseboard register.

Please note: The size listed 13x12 is the overall faceplate dimensions. The 13x12 size is made for a minimum wall duct opening of 10x8, and this is what size the damper of the gravity baseboard register will measure.

Baseboard Vent Cover Highlights

  • All steel construction gravity baseboard diffuser
  • Multi-fin damper control
  • Available in size 13x12
  • Projects away from wall in triangular fashion
  • Durable black powder coated finish
  • Replaces old central gravity baseboard registers
  • Lower base projection 2 1/2"
  • Upper projection 1"
  • This gravity baseboard register can be converted to a return (no damper) with easy removal of the damper. Remove 4 damper screws from the register insert and simply install the faceplate.

Black Gravity Baseboard Register Available Size:

Item # Size Minimum
Duct Opening
Base Projection
1312GBB 13 x 12 10 x 8 2 1/2"

This gravity style decorative baseboard register is only available in a 13x12 size. If you need a larger 15x12 size or in an alternative color, check out the White Steel Gravity Baseboard Registers on our site.

Price: $143.12
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