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Dundas Jafine 8 x 15 Magnetic Vent Covers

Dundas Jafine 8 x 15 Magnetic Vent Covers

8" x 15" Cover Air Vent - Magnetic Register Covers

Cover air vents on your floor today to save money on energy bills. The magnetic register covers will close off unused floor vents in your home, allowing you control of air distribution. To work, cover air vents which are only made from steel since this product is magnetized. These magnetic register covers come 3 to a pack and are offered in a white finish.

Cover air vents with this product and get the appearance of a real register cover since the magnetic is designed to look that way. The magnetic register covers are not strong enough to be used on the wall or ceiling but will work on the floor when the air has been turned off. When trying to cover air vents with this 8" x 15" sized magnet, you are able to custom cut to the size you need. The magnetic register covers can be used any time of the year and are offered at a great price.

Cover Air Vent Highlights

  • 8" x 15" magnetic register covers can be cut down
  • Comes with 3 covers a pack
  • Use on floor vents only
  • Helps to block off unused registers
  • Offered in white coloring

Important: Do not use product to cover air vents on the wall or ceiling. Turn off floor register and apply magnetic register covers to the faceplate to use.

We offer 4" x 10" magnetic register covers for more standard floor vents as well as other air deflector products.

Order today to cover air vents in your home efficiently and affordably.
SKU 25-0008
Price: $11.99
Dundas Jafine 8 x 15 Magnetic Vent Covers
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