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Distinguished Design Round Resin Wall Registers

Distinguished Design Round Resin Wall Registers
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Plastic Decorative Wall Vent - Distinguished Design Round Wall Register Cover

Amazing round decorative wall grilles that will not rust, crack or corrode can be made however you desire. Our round wall register cover is made in the US by Distinguished Design in a hand cast, durable plastic which is made to last. Also these decorative wall vents are crafted with a low VOC content, making them a better environmental choice when looking to replace your rusted metal grilles. These decorative wall vents include a steel butterfly damper. Dampers cannot be retro fitted if bought separately.


Available Round Decorative Wall Vent Sizes: 6", 8", 10" and 12"

The Distinguished Designs decorative wall vents can be used either on your wall or ceiling  and feature a decorative frame style. You can also purchase with or without screw holes. The wall register covers also can be customized by color and design by selecting your choice with our drop down menu. The Pre-primed White color is ready to paint to match your walls. You can also choose from black or walnut brown painted finishes, and the round resin wall registers will be ready to install once received. Be sure to purchase yours today!


Note that the round wall vents can take about 6 to 8 weeks to ship depending on available stock. The round decorative wall vents are also considered a special ordered item which cannot be returned once purchased.

Decorative Wall Vent Highlights

  • Durable wall register covers made from durable resin
  • Adjustable steel damper opens and closes
  • Faceplate made from rust proof plastic
  • Installs quickly into wall or ceiling
  • Thirteen distinct designs to choose from
  • Customizable features
  • Hand cast in the US
  • Comes with a Decorative Frame
  • Iron Ring design is only available in Hammered Metal Frame border
  • French Quarter design is only available in a Flat Frame Border and the finish Black
  • Color options are Black or Walnut Brown or in a paintable Pre-Primed White
  • Faceplate size will be approximately 1" to 3" larger than listed hole size depending on size and design.

*** Special Order Item: Non-Returnable and cannot be canceled once an order has been placed
*** The industry standard is to measure the size of the hole you are covering, NOT the faceplate dimensions. This is because every manufacturer makes their faceplate dimensions different sizes. For example, the 6" Round Wall Grill is made for a wall/ceiling opening of 6" in diameter

There are 13 different decorative designs available. Here is a link to the available designs.

Choose from 3 finishes. Please click images below for a larger image.

   Round Resin Finish Choices

This decorative wall vent is also available in a round return air grille (no damper).

Price: $88.55
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