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Deflect-o Forced Air AC Deflectors

Deflect-o Forced Air AC Deflectors
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Redirecting Air Conditioner Flow - AC Vent Flow Deflector

Redirecting air conditioner flow just got easier with this Deflect-o floor product which is made from polycarbonate. This AC vent flow deflector will adjust between 10 and 14 inches long to fit onto your floor register. When redirecting air conditioner flow with this product, you will conserve energy by forcing air up and around the room. These AC Vent flow deflectors are made from a clear polycarbonate. Redirecting air conditioner flow into your room with this product starts by clipping the deflector to your floor vent with the magnets which it comes with. The AC vent flow deflector has a melting point of 325 degrees Fahrenheit, so do not use on radiant heaters.

AC Vent Air Deflector Highlights

  • AC vent flow deflector adjusts 10 - 14"
  • Constructed out of polycarbonate plastic 
  • Rust Proof
  • Magnets fasteners
  • Use on floor registers
  • Model No. #40

Important: This AC vent flow deflector cannot be used on radiant baseboard registers. Product could melt after reaching 325 degrees or more in Fahrenheit.
Redirecting air conditioner flow can be managed by using one of our air deflector products.

These AC vent flow deflectors are affordable and will do all the redirecting air conditioner flow you need in your space. Order now!

Deflect-o Forced Air AC Deflectors
SKU 25-0010
Price: $11.99
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