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Deflect-o Premium Floor Register Air Deflector

Deflect-o Premium Floor Register Air Deflector
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Floor Register Deflector - Air Flow Director

This floor register deflector will adjust to fit your floor vent that measures between 10" - 14". Our air flow director is made from a clear polycarbonate which will not rust! Installing the floor register deflector is quick, just clip onto your metal vent with the magnetic sides. These air flow directors are intended only for floor registers and will help distribute air out across your room.

The floor register deflector is a great tool to save energy and effectively distributes your hot or cold air. Do not use air flow directors on radiant baseboard registers since the melting point is 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Floor Register Deflector Highlights

  • Air flow director adjusts 10" - 14"
  • Crafted from clear polycarbonate
  • Magnets hold deflector in place
  • Deflects air at a 90 degree angle
  • Melting point is 325 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Model No. #99

Important: These air flow directors do not work with our extension sleeve. These floor register deflectors are only intended for floor use.

Other air flow directors for your floor, sidewall and ceiling registers can be found on our website.

Get your floor register deflector today and prevent air blockage from occurring under your furniture. Call us or click to order!

Deflect-o Floor Register Air Deflector
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Deflect-o Floor Register Air Deflector Model 99
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