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Deflect-o Baseboard Air Deflector

Deflect-o Baseboard Air Deflector
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Air Flow Control - 15" to 25" Baseboard Air Deflector

Deflect-o products for air flow control are made out of a strong polycarbonate material. This baseboard air deflector is clear and will clip onto your register magnetically on both sides. Your homes air flow control is in your hands and this product will help direct both cold and hot air. Our baseboard air deflector extends about 15" to 25".

The baseboard air deflector has a max temp of 325 degrees Fahrenheit before melting may occur. This air flow control product is not recommended for use on radiant baseboard register. By maintaining air flow control in your home with this product, you will ultimately save money spent on energy bills. Order our air deflector today and have it shipped for one affordable price.

Baseboard Air Deflector Highlights

  • Baseboard air deflector extends 15 to 25"
  • Made from clear polycarbonate
  • Magnetic clips hold Deflector in place
  • Model No. #53

Important: This baseboard air director is not suited to use on radiant baseboard registers. Melting point is 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Our baseboard air deflector is perfect to use on hidden wall vents so redirect that air today.

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