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Decorative Wall Registers

Decorative Wall Registers - Custom Vents

Whether you're looking for a totally custom metal or solid brass wall register you are in the right spot! Below you will see 2 different options - Hamilton Sinkler Wall Registers, Steel Crest Decorative Wall Registers Wall Registers. Each option has their own unique designs and finishes as well as sizes! Hamilton Sinkler has specific sizes available whereas Steel Crest can be made in nearly any size needed! Each item will show it's specific lead time on the corresponding product page. For example, Steel Crest items take 5 to 8 weeks to be manufactured whereas some Hamilton Sinkler items may be available to ship right away.

Tips on ordering Decorative Wall Registers

The first thing you always want to start out with is measuring your existing hole in your wall. Once you've done that, you will know what size register you need to order. As mentioned above, Hamilton Sinkler registers are made in specific sizes therefore cannot be custom made. Steel Crest can make any register in any size so long as it is a whole number. For example, a 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" cannot be made with a damper however a 7" x 9" can. Steel Crest Returns, however, can be made in absolutely any size needed whether it's a fractioned size or whole number. 

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Hamilton Sinkler Wall Registers
Hamilton Sinkler Wall Registers
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Steel Crest Decorative Registers
Steel Crest Decorative Registers
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Reggio Scroll Cast Aluminum
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SKU: 412A
Cast aluminum floor registers from the Heritage Collection feature an iconic Victorian Scroll design. Available in 6 stunning finishes. These decorative vents are rust-proof and perfect for any room of your home.