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Decorative Filter Grills

Decorative Filter Grilles - Steel Crest Filter Grilles

Below you will find our Steel Crest Filter Grilles. Not only are these filter grilles stunning and made to order, they are also made to last! There are so many different designs and finish options available between the 4 different choices of filter grille. Filter grilles play a large roll in any household, as they are able to filter dirt, dust and debris out of the air before hitting your furnace which then pushes that air back into your home. All of our filter grilles come with the necessary hardware as well as a reusable black filter. 

Basic, Silver, Linear/Vertical and Gold! 

The Basic Series offers 4 finish options, 3 designs and 8 size choices. Steel Crests Silver Series Filter Grilles are available in 6 powder coated finishes, 6 designs and over 20 sizes options. The Linear or Vertical Filter Grilles offer 5 finishes to choose from and 20 sizes and last but not least the Gold Series Filter Grilles are available in 15 beautiful and durable finishes, 28 design options and can be made in ANY size! If you don't see the size your looking for don't worry, just give us a call at 866-258-1554 and we can run a quote.

Looking for something more economical? Take a look all the Return Air Filter Grilles we have to offer!

Steel Crest Filter Grills
Steel Crest Filter Grills
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