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Custom Wood Vents - Wood Baseboard Covers

Custom Wood Vents - Wood Baseboard Covers
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Custom Triangular Baseboard Return - Unfinished Red Oak Vent

Triangular baseboard returns are priced below in five custom lengths, including hard to find 30"! Our air vent covers are made from 100% red oak and are left unfinished. Baseboard returns can then be stained or painted to match your existing wood trim. These custom air vent covers will have an overall height of 4 5/8" and an outward projection of 2 3/4". These are made to order.

All of the air vent covers are made without dampers, meaning the bottom and back of vent are left open, allowing for constant airflow in your home. Use the baseboard return in both heating and cooling situations and install by simply placing over your hole opening. The air vent covers design features a slotted horizontal pattern to allow for optimal airflow.

Custom Baseboard Return Highlights

  • Air vent covers come in 5 lengths
  • Made from 100% red oak
  • Other wood species can be special ordered
  • Height is 4 5/8" and depth is 2 3/4"
  • Special order any size by calling in for pricing
  • Comes unfinished and can be stained or painted
  • Do not come with pre-drilled screw holes
  • Open back and bottom allow for constant airflow

Unfinished Wood Vent Available Sizes:

Item # Length Height Depth
64-0025 12 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0026 15 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0027 18 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0028 24 4 5/8 2 3/4
64-0029 30 4 5/8 2 3/4

*Important: Because these air vent covers are custom made, they are considered a non returnable item and cannot be canceled once an order has been placed. Allow 3 - 4 weeks for the baseboard returns to be made after order is placed since they are custom.

Interested in air vent covers with functioning, adjustable dampers? Well, check out our baseboard return registers for both wood and metal options.

Order these triangular air vent covers to meet you duct opening needs! Call us to special order any size or another type of wood species!

SKU 64-0025#
Price: $79.29
Custom Wood Vents - Wood Baseboard Cover
Custom Wood Baseboard Vent Cover
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