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Copper Plated Contemporary Floor Register

Copper Plated Contemporary Floor Register
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Stylish Copper Vent Covers - Contemporary Floor Air Register

Our copper vent covers come in a stylish contemporary design which features straight, vertical lines to give your space a modern look. This floor air register has a 3mm thick faceplate that is made from a steel construction, making these copper vent covers sturdy. These copper vent covers are plated in a copper finish which is also protected by a lacquer that helps to prevent the chance of tarnishing.

Our affordable floor air registers have a steel damper which opens and closes depending on your heating or cooling needs. The installation of these copper vent covers is simple, just take the register and drop it into place into the floor opening. You will surely love how these floor air registers look in your home since its rich color will add some pizzazz to your floor. You may also use them on the ceiling or on the wall, depending on what size you order.

Metal Vent Cover Highlights

- Floor air registers with steel construction
- Copper plated finish
- Opening and closing damper
- Simple drop into place installation

Copper Plated Floor Register Available Sizes:

Item # Hole Size Faceplate Size
37-0098 2.25 x 10 3 7/16 x 11 3/16
37-0099 2.25 x 12 3 7/16 x 13 3/16
37-0122 2.25 x 14 3 7/16 x 15 3/16
37-0100 4 x 10 5 5/16 x 11 1/4
37-0101 4 x 12 5 5/16 x 13 1/4
37-0102 4 x 14 5 5/16 x 15 1/4
37-0103 6 x 10 7 3/8 x 11 3/4
37-0104 6 x 12 7 3/8 x 13 3/4
37-0105 6 x 14 7 3/8 x 15 3/4


Tip: When ordering your copper vent covers, do not measure your existing floor air register faceplate. Be sure to get the actual hole size measurements since a 6" x 10" register will fit a 6 x 10 hole opening.

Looking to match your wall vents? Well, the 2.25" and 4" wide floor air registers can be converted to wall registers by simply attaching these wall mounting brackets.

The 6" wide copper vent covers come with handy knock out screw holes, allowing you to mount them either to the wall or to the ceiling. You can view the instructional video for directions on how to mount with screws.

If you are interested in alternative register designs, we have many more to choose from!

Change out old floor air registers and add life back to your everyday with our copper vent covers which are stylish and affordable.


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Price: $34.55
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